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      Zhuhai Refine Smart Techonlogy Co., Ltd has been established since 1999. Our company which is integrating R&D, Production and sales located in a beautiful city, zhuhai and has aloong history in Dental Lab Equipment line. We have owned over 90 items and is the purpose of quality first,customer first. Products are produced with many imported spare parts in order to ensure the products de long lasting and create profit customer.

     We have  received many highest appraisal from our customers because of our high quality prouducts and good after-sales service ,also has a considerable share in the domestic denture processing market. Our products have been exported to USA, Canade, Germany, Brazil, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Dubai, Egypt, India and etc.

     Ten years to sharpen a sword, we forward to producing more highest products in market.



6F,Tower 3,Cuijing Industrial Zone,Qianshan,Zhuhai City,Guangdong Province, China

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