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Agar mixer R-1701/R-1704/R-1705/R-1706

Functions and features1. 304 stainless steel tank,long lasting2. Double layers heating and a intermi
Product details

Functions and features

1. 304 stainless steel tank,long lasting

2. Double layers heating and a intermittent stirring design, heating evenly and no overheating

3. Control temperature in ± 1°C

4. Timer setting provide a time saving efficiency start the timer before off duty, material will be ready to use in next day 

5. 7L -70L

6. 20L-70L machine come with auto-chopper


 Model  R-1701
 Voltage  220V
 Capacity  7L
 Frequency  50Hz
 Weight  35kg
 Size  49*42*64cm


 Model  R-1701
 Voltage  220V
 Capacity  11L
 Frequency  50Hz
 Weight  40kg
 Size  72*49*43cm


 Model  R-1701
 Voltage  220V
 Capacity  20L
 Frequency  50Hz
 Weight  65kg


 Model  R-1701
 Voltage  220V
 Capacity  190L
 Frequency  50Hz
 Weight  124kg
 Size  86*84*146cm

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