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pressure polymerization pot R-2102

Functions and features1. Fast polymerized, easy operation.2. Digital control system,clear human-comp
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Functions and features

1. Fast polymerized, easy operation.

2. Digital control system,clear human-computer interface.

3. Temperature, pressure, time can be adjusted. Prevent overheating. Meet the demand of laboratories' different scenes.

4. Stainless steel sousing, integral die-casting for pot , internal teflon coating resist high temperature, long lasting and easy to keep nice appearance.

5. Compact design,safe and reliable.

6. Temperature can be adjusted between 20°C and 100°C,pressure can be adjusted between 0-5kg/cm²


 Model  R-2102
 Voltage  220V
 Electric current   5.5A
 Frequency  50Hz
 Pressure  0-0.4Mpa
 Weight  18Kg
 Size  32.5*38*29cm
 Inner container dimension  20*20*18cm

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